Monday, February 13, 2012

EduBlog Reflection

Through the creation of my EduBlogs, I've learned that blogging isn't as scary as I thought it'd be. Also, it's a lot more convenient and useful for the classroom than I thought it'd be. I've been required to use blogs since my undergrad, but never got too familiar with it thinking that I'd never use it again. However, I can actually see myself using this in my next block!

In my previous block, I had trouble keeping track of which students were absent and required extra handouts from the previous days, but with Blogging, I can ask students to visit the blog when they miss class and download any necessary handouts. Also, it can keep them up to date and I can also allow parents to see what our class is doing and what their children are learning.

This technology can be integrated into almost any and every course I can think of. In my edublog itself I've used it for Language and Geography. I've also seen examples of Mathematics and Physical Education. I think the sky is the limit really.

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