Monday, December 19, 2011

Technology, in MY point of view...

Call me a pessimist, but I'm a bit against the whole idea of "freedom of sharing information." My technology course instructor Zoe Branigan-Pipe shared in class the beauty of Google Docs and how it allows you to access your information/documents anywhere you are (as long as you have internet access) without having to carry around a USB key. As Nicole tweeted our instructor's hilarious joke about memory sticks, I did agree that online memory space creates a great advantage as well as convenience for us busy worker bees. However, the thought that an online conglomerate has access go all our information and files in their pool of "collection" generously contributed by its users.

I just find it unsettling to know that someone is overseeing all my information, and the information of others. Even if I label it as "private" the creators of that label could know how to work their way into private documents... It's the same thing as the new Roger's Home Security System. Your entire home is monitored by the technology in your home, and you are updated every time someone walks in or leaves the home. You can control your lighting, heating, and security stuff from your phone.. This means that the information is sent to Rogers Headquarters, and then sent to your phone.. Or vice versa. Either way, the Head Quarters is able to monitor the details of your lifestyle with out officially "intruding" into your private sphere.

I'm sure there are promises and policies that are there to protect users and customers of these technologies, but I'd like to see how other people find it first, and then maybe I'll bandwagon. :)